About Us

When you first meet Robert & Victorine Clarke, what strikes you immediately is how this seemingly very different pair of individuals complement each other. Victorine’s mellifluous, French-accented voice and her warm, graceful demeanor mesh perfectly with Robert’s energetic athleticism and thoughtful, analytic approach. Robert is a highly skilled engineer and Victorine a gifted and award-winning poet, but watch them together for a while—whether they’re on the dance floor, playing with their daughter Mawa or working with their clients—and you’ll very quickly see how their successful teamwork is the result of a perfect blend of unique personalities and talents.

Equally Talented
Robert considers his logical and scientific view of life as a key part of his personality. He received a Master’s degree in Engineering from George Washington University, and has worked for the federal government in Systems Engineering. He’s also a lover of just about every outdoor activity imaginable, with a special fondness for roller-blading, swimming, basketball and volleyball. Multilingual in French, English and German, Victorine’s vision is distinctively creative and artistic. Although she’s tested and developed English to French software conversions, worked as a contract and proposal consultant and writer and as a sales manager/trainer for a French retail/restaurant company with franchises across the country, Victorine is also a talented poet and writer. She’s received honors and awards for her poetry and writes daily, including keeping a journal.

Different Worlds, Shared Values
While Robert & Victorine are very different people raised in very different worlds— Robert in Connecticut and Victorine in Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) and France—they share many qualities and values, not the least of which is their belief in personal integrity. They are strongly committed to their family and community. Both are Microsoft Certified Professionals and are active members of the National Society of Black Engineers, an organization dedicated to bringing technology to the nation’s communities. They also share a love of travel, and of different people and cultures, hence their mutual fondness for the metropolitan Washington D.C./Maryland area.

The Perfect Blend
When Robert & Victorine’s shared values are blended with their unique talents and exceptional expertise, the result is one unbeatable combination—and nowhere is this more evident than in their work as the premier real estate team serving the Lanham and Bowie areas. As active investors in real estate for many years, Robert & Victorine have developed a reputation for success in helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals and attain the best possible return on their investments. With their shared background in systems engineering and telecommunications technology, The Clarkes are able to offer their clients the benefit of a variety of high-technology resources and solutions to facilitate their transactions, whether they’re buying their first home, selling due to a life change or relocating in or out of the area.

The Best of Both Worlds
Robert & Victorine’s clients truly benefit from their special blend of the artistic and scientific. Every day Robert continues to develop new and more innovative ways to use technology to simplify the real estate process. With her command of three different languages, Victorine is herself an invaluable resource for the team’s many state department and embassy clients. Their shared enthusiasm for the rich, international and cosmopolitan flavor of life in the metropolitan D.C. and Maryland areas is positively infectious.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Lanham, Bowie or the surrounding areas, you want to work with a team that offers you the best blend of professional skills and personal expertise available—one in which art and science truly meet. You want to work with Robert & Victorine Clarke. With the Clarke team you get The Best of Both Worlds. Call them today for a complimentary consultation.

Robert & Victorine enjoy dancing and learning new steps together.

Robert, Victorine and their daughter, Mawa love to spend time outdoors together.

The Clarke team’s clients appreciate the comprehensive service they provide.